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Netflix has launched a trailer for ‘The Defenders’

The Defenders
Credit: Comic Book Movie

The Marvel train just isn’t going to stop any time soon, is it?

Not content with the success now pouring out of the recently-released Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, Marvel have already got our motors up and running again by releasing the trailer for their new Netflix-exclusive miniseries, The Defenders. 

Following on from the ratings and viewership success (if not critical success) of Marvel’s previous Netflix effort, Iron Fist, the comic company has pulled the Netflix-exclusive Marvel characters for what seems to be a Netflix Avengers.

I’m pretty down for that, not gonna lie.

Iron Fist is going to be joined by Jessica Jones and Daredevil in The Defenders, as well as supporting characters from their respective series’, Luke Cage (from Jessica Jones) and Elektra (from DareDevil).

Well, let’s not beat around the bush any longer – you want to see the trailer, don’t you?

Well, wait no longer.

It seems a logical move for Marvel. They got great reviews on Netflix for both Jessica Jones and Daredevil, if not so much Iron Fist, and all three shows have been massively popular with Netflix users.

Plus, the success of the Avengers franchise has shown us that superhero mashups have a place in cinema, and that place is riding high on a rocket-powered skateboard playing an epic guitar solo. Or something like that anyway.

What I’m trying to say is that the Avengers movies have been pretty flippin’ awesome so far, and there is nothing to suggest that Defenders won’t be just as good, especially since the miniseries format allows for broader character arcs, more complex villains and a much more flexible sequence of events.

It may not have the same kind of budget that big movies have to work with, but I have always kind of preferred gritty, ground-level superhero stuff to skyscrapers being torn down and nightmarishly expensive CGI, so I’m on board all the way to the North Pole with this one.

As long as it’s good. Which it will be.