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Trump’s ‘covfefe’ madness is already the meme of 2017

Credit: AP

Only in 2017 could something this wonderful and completely inexplicable happen.

As you may know, US President Donald Trump has been getting a little bit of attention for, amongst various things, his hairstyle, his Oompa-Loompa skin tone, his questionable views on most things, and his antics on Twitter.

Donald Trump with a camera = me with a 3am Maccas.

It’s this last one that’s gotten him in the headlines this time, but not because he’s said something stupid or offensive or generally Trumpian – because he’s said something that literally isn’t in existence.

In what would surely have been another humble and enlightening glimpse into his world views, the Commander in Chief apparently fell asleep on his phone keys, had to shake a spider off his hand while typing, or just got distracted by a rich white man in need of assistance and ended up coining the meme of 2017.

Yep. Credit: Twitter/Donald J. Trump

That’s right. The leader of the free world just posted ‘covfefe’ for all to see.

Odds are good he was going to say something about a press ‘conference’ or something similar about how he’s great and we’re all just out to get him, but instead he has ended up with incoherent nonsense – again, a cynic might have added.

Now, it is well known that the internet is not the kind of place where this would go unnoticed, and the world at large responded in some style.

But I think this exchange on the original tweet may just be the winner:

Of course, there’s always the possibility that it’s all a conspiracy and that it actually is some kind of code for Trump’s administration. And people have got that covered too.

That’s right. The White House Press Secretary tried to say it was all a big secret plan and he meant to do it. Forgive my candour here, Mr Spicer, but BULL-HONKY.

Stop, stop, I’m already dead.

There is a pretty weird side to this too, though. Normally when the D-man gets something wrong, he gets rid of it pretty quick sharp and replaces it with something about how what he said before never actually happened, but he took a different tack on this one, and left the tweet up for about an hour and a half to give us maximum time to jump on the bandwagon, then got rid of it for an even more confusing message to try and pass it all off.

Sorry, DJT, you’re not getting rid of us that easily.

Something tells me this is something that may stick with Trump for a little while, for better or worse, and all I can say is good luck and if someone can figure out what it’s all about, you’d be a God amongst men.