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Gelatissimo taking the ‘guilty’ out of guilty pleasure

I know what you’re thinking, those hot summer days are coming back around and you’re tempted to reach into that freezer and grab your...

The Best Bra for your TwOO Best Friends

Finding the best bra is like finding a best friend - you want them to be supportive, comfortable to be around, you want them...

Why Shay Mitchell Hid Her Pregnancy for 6 Months

The former Pretty Little Liars star revealed she was pregnant in an emotional video uploaded to her YouTube channel as part of a new...

Aussies, It’s Time To Farewell The Like Feature On Instagram

It’s hard to think of a world where you can’t see how many likes you receive on an Instagram post, yet here we are!  Yesterday...

What to Expect from Ed Sheeran’s ‘No. 6 Collaborations’

Did you think that Ed Sheeran was only notable for his folk pop style, sprinkled with some segments of rap? Think again, because he...