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You Can Now Make Your Facebook Profile Picture A GIF

Image Credit PC Mag

Facebook profile pictures can say a lot about you, and now, they can say even more with the new option of seven second looped videos.

It seems straight out of a Harry Potter film, but it’s a reality that Australians will be able to apply to their profiles now. It has already been rolled out in the UK and California.

Facebook says it’s giving people more “real estate” to show off their personalities and creativity.

Deakin University’s new media and online culture expert, Professor David Marshall, said creating profile videos aligned with styling hair or putting on make-up.

“Any change like this is an example of a new generation of what people have to do to monitor and present themselves,” he said.

“Making little GIFs is a bit like making advertisements about ourselves.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Australians take to it, we assume there will be a lot hilarious and creative ‘profile videos’.

Video source: Hamid Fathi