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Struggles every woman knows

woman struggles

No one ever said being a female was easy. There are many struggles we face as women – some of them serious and some of them a little more lighthearted. Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh at how true they are!


When you try on swimwear

Women’s swimwear should be simple, you just slip it on, and you’re ready to get into the water. However, it’s not like that, you have to wiggle and struggle your way in. Sometimes it’s best to just wear a wetsuit.

Cassandra Calin

Super tight pony tail

Ahh so much pain and ugly all in one uncomfortable ball. Pony tails can look elegant and/or sporty, or they ha



When your parents/family complain about how much money you spend on makeup

Makeup is expensive (wayy too expensive) but it’s my choice dammit! I’ll do what I want and I’ll look damn fine doing it.


Going to the hairdressers

Oh the feeling of wearing that gown and sitting in front of a mirror, just waiting for your beautiful hair to be chopped off. Many times you leave wanting to cry at the unexpected result. Luckily, it will grow back. It always does.



Taking off your bra after a long-long day

The feeling of pure excitement and comfort when that tight, restrictive bra comes off after your long ass working day. It’s pure heaven.



“I have nothing to wear”

I think we’ve all uttered this hateful words at some point, and we all know the terrible feeling that comes with them. Oh Kim, I did not mean it literally.. but I mean at least you get it right?



Taking like 45 selfies and not liking any of them


It is so hard to make yourself look good on the tiny camera on your phone. The secret to a perfect selfie is actually the angle and lighting, so when positioning your camera maybe try pointing it towards a dimmer area in your room. Also don’t use flash, as it makes your skin too shiny and that’s not great when you’ve got a photo you want your crush to like (hopefully).


Having to shave


Ah shaving. If you’re meticulous, you’ll try to be hairless from the chin down. If you’re lazy (like me), you’ll shave only the visible areas because it always ends in bloodshed. Seriously, it is so hard.

Ah ladies, aren’t we lucky?