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Types of guys you meet on Tinder

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Tinder’s really taken off over the last few years, and right now it’s probably more popular than any dating App out there. People of all ages, genders and body types love using it to find themselves the perfect date (or one night stand – let’s be honest).

But swiping through so many people can sometimes be frustrating. Most guys we’ve come across fit into a certain stereotype, and having them appear over and over again does nothing but grind our gears. Occasionally there’s a nice, cute guy who’s perfect in every way, but that’s like hitting the Tinder lottery – very rare.

Here are some of the most stereotypical Tinder guys we’ve encountered (over 1,000 times).

Guys either too old/too young for us

This happens way too much. Cue the half naked men with grey body hair and receding hairlines. And we feel the same way about the young ones who clearly haven’t hit puberty yet. We can see your mum in the background, buddy! Go back to bed.


Serial fishermen

Seriously, what’s with the hundreds of guys posing with giant dead fish? We know you’re trying to showcase your masculinity, but it gets a bit old after the thousandth swipe. Why don’t you cuddle a puppy instead?

Guys disguised in group photos

This is probably our biggest Tinder pet peeve. Frantically going through photos and trying to figure out if you’re the nice looking dude holding the kitten, or the one with the mean grimace and baggy pants is an absolute nightmare. And then when we finally think we’ve figured it out, someone else appears in the next photo and we doubt everything we’ve come to know.

Annoying guys from your old school

Why, why, why?! We thought we’d never see you again after high school graduation. But there you are, looking exactly the same as you did all those years ago. You’re even drinking the same can of VB and sporting that smirk you thought made all the girls swoon. It still doesn’t work, by the way.

Gym junkies

Please, for the love of God, no more mirror selfies! Pull your pants up and stop flexing those damn muscles. A lot of girls find gym guys sexy, which we totally get. But it’s a bit overkill when we see the same thing over and over. Besides, most of the time we can already tell you’re fit just by looking at a normal photo of you.


And those definitely aren’t the only types of guys we’ve awarded with a huge, fat swipe left. Tinder is a magical place full of pictures of guys with no faces, guys with ex-girlfriends and even guys’ cars (seriously, are you a transformer?)

We know Tinder is a tricky thing, but why can’t we just find our prince charming already?!