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The crash and burn of Azealia Banks

Image: Rankin

Outside of her outrageous twitter rants and constant impulse to start beef with people, we don’t actually know what Azealia Banks does – but she is in the news again, this time going too far and getting her Twitter account suspended.

The latest victim of Azealia’s rants is none other than former-one-direction-member Zayn Malik. She got extra racist this time, calling Zayn a curry scented bitch and a sand n***er among other things. Since her Twitter no longer exists, here are some screenshots the Internet has lovingly saved for us. Banks x Zayn

Banks x Zayn 2
Credit: twitter

So yeah, pretty graphic, very racist and overall just incredibly disgusting. At this point, we should realise how terrible Azealia is, but then she came for a literal 14 year old girl.

Banks x Skai
Credit: twitter

Yeah, that happened. Skai Jackson, Disney star aged 14, just took down Azealia banks better than we ever could.

Banks subsequently got banned from Twitter, and her upcoming headline appearance at a UK festival has been cancelled.

She made an apology on Instagram, but based on her subsequent posts which involve her continually trying to justify her position, she didn’t really mean it. At all.


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You can condemn the world for not allowing free speech all you want, but the bullshit that Azealia spews on social media is hate speech, dangerous and disgusting, and frankly we’re happy to see her Twitter account shut down. Her career is in the toilet, and we’re ready to flush.