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New Study Finds Gel Manicures Can Put You At Risk For Skin Cancer

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If you stopped going to a solarium because you knew it was putting you at risk of skin cancer, you may want to take the same precautions for gel manicures.

A new study by researchers at the Georgia Regents University have found that the there are serious risks associated with the drying lamps used for gel manicures.

Here’s what was concluded from the study:

– 17 different lamps were tested from 16 different nail salons across America.

– The researchers found that the stronger the lamp wattage, the more UV rays it emitted.

– It requires 60 joules of UV rays to cause damage that can lead to skin cancer.

– They found that the lamps emit between 1 and 8 joules each use.

The risk is small, but it’s something to think about and it’s certainly not impossible.

In fact, the researchers came to the conclusion that as little as eight uses of a nail lamp over two years will expose the backs of your hands enough to put you at serious risk of cancer.

If that isn’t enough to revert you back to nail polish, wear high SPF sunscreen on your hands whenever you get a gel manicure.