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Mandy Moore consulted a pet psychic for her cat

Mandy Moore
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When Mandy Moore’s cat, Addison suddenly started howling and crying at night, the actress was more than a bit concerned.

She thought maybe it had something to do with her divorce from Ryan Adams, or perhaps it was her recent move to a new apartment after living in the same house for 14 years.

But apparently she was wrong. At least that’s what her pet psychic said…

Yep, Mandy Moore visited a pet psychic. You might think that’s kinda weird, but apparently it happens more often than we think. Well, in Hollywood at least.

According to the psychic, the actress’ cat just hated his name. And he liked to sing at night because he thought he had a fab voice…


“I tried everything to stop him,” Mandy told Ellen DeGeneres on her show yesterday. “I had a friend who had had a difficult period with his dog and he called a pet psychic. So that was my last resort.”

Ellen was understandably a bit shocked and sceptical, but Mandy was adamant that it was furr-real.

“She didn’t see a picture, she didn’t ask me anything about them, I just regaled the situation,” she said, adding, “She said he hates his name and the reason he’s crying all night is because he loves the acoustics in the apartment and he wants to hear himself sing.”

Then, the all-knowing lady said the kitty suggested renaming him something he would love, like Figaro.


“And I kid you not, we started calling him Figaro and the crying at night stopped immediately,” Mandy said. It’s crazy!”

We’re not sure how we feel about this, but at least Figaro’s feline better now.

Check out the star’s interview on Ellen: