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Lockout Laws Relaxed for Mardi Gras Event

Credit: Sydney.com

Sydney’s controversial lockout laws relaxed for Mardi Gras event.

Announced last month by Minister for Racing, Paul Toole, the lockout laws have been changed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Mardi Gras.

“Relaxing the requirements will give people more time to make their way to surrounding venues and events when the parade finishes.”

Venues will stop serving alcohol at 3am on the 3rd of March, or 3:30am for venues with live entertainment.

Party goers on and around Oxford Street are celebrating the change as an acknowledgement of the gay pride event.

“Mardis gras is arguably the most important night of the year for the LGBTQIA community in Australia and the lockout exemption means that we can celebrate diversity, love and acceptance long into the night,” Kat Dopper, Mardi Gras board member, reported to SBS.

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