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Johnny Depp’s dog scandal comes back with a bite

Credit: Jason Merritt
Credit: Jason Merritt

Remember last year when Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce threatened to put down Johnny Depp’s two Yorkshire terriers? Thankfully that didn’t happen but Depp and his wife, Amber Heard are now in Southport Magistrates Court in the Gold Coast facing charges of dog smuggling.

Pistol and Boo, Depp and Heard's dogs Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald
Pistol and Boo, Depp and Heard’s dogs
Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald

Earlier this morning, Heard plead guilty to falsifying her documentation upon entry to Australia last May. She said that she hadn’t realised that the customs card was so important and that she had simply made a mistake.

Heard was facing two charges of illegally importing animals into Australia and one charge of falsifying a document, however the two importation charges were dropped this morning. If Heard had been found guilty, she could have faced up to 10 years in jail. The court saw a video where Heard professed her remorse and repeated her respect for Australian laws. She says that Australia is a “wonderful island that has to be protected”. Depp had some input as well, saying that “Australians are unique too, warm and direct”. The sentencing has been adjourned until 2.30pm but Heard and her lawyer have stated that they hope she will not receive special treatment.

UPDATE: Amber Heard has been sentenced to a one-month good behaviour bond. She won’t have any recorded conviction thanks to this um, heartfelt video apology with husband Johnny Depp.

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has released a statement stating that he is pleased that the importance of the Australian ecosystem will not soon be forgotten around the world.