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Gilmore Girls has its own ice cream flavour and it’s exactly what we expected

Lorelai and Rory
Image credit: TV Line

Gear up, Gilmore Girls fans! Just when we thought the GG universe couldn’t get any better, the cult show now has its very own ice cream flavour.

Yes, that’s right. A Brooklyn-based ice creamery has actually created a flavour called They Scoop Gilmores, don’t they? which is named after the amazing 24-hour dance competition episode that also included Rory and Dean’s (super sad) breakup.

As you might already know, Ample Hills Creamery ran a contest to help them select a flavour that would be the perfect Gilmore-esque combination. And we’re not even surprised to announce that they received over 2,500 entries.

Ice cream
Image credit: @amplehills Instagram

However, there were so many great options that they ended up choosing a mixture of three different flavours – coffee, chocolate pudding and pink pop tart sprinkles. OMG, we actually have no words.

We just hope the ice cream hits our shores soon because as any dedicated GG fan knows, it’s frowned upon to watch awesome TV without snacking on something as equally awesome.