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Free Speech Flushed Down The Dunny?

This week in the police state of NSW we move another metre away from democracy with changes to legislation on anti-protest laws. The changes to legislation occur after protests across a range of areas have mobilised the populous.

So because Australia isn’t really a democracy anymore rather a game of football where the ball is the prime minister, refugees and gay marriage, it is really only fitting that the NSW government take things to the next level and impose curfews and anti-protest laws because I mean what else screams democracy like a rushed legislation passed to limit free speech.

The laws that have been passed increase fines in incidences where people illegally enter mining sites from $550 to $5500. The laws also give the police powers to search and seize without warrant and move protestors along. Those protestors who are seen to interfere with a mining site can serve a jail sentence of up to seven years. Seven years in jail is the same sentence that a gang rapist can serve, so let’s just get this straight seven years for a protestor with the intention of saving our planet or at least that site and seven years for someone who partook in the collective rape of a person.

The new laws represent an attack on free speech to stop the disruption of profits to big business. So just in case, you didn’t know by now the NSW government does not care about people but profits, just in case you needed another reminder.