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First Power Rangers movie trailer released

Power Rangers
Image credit: Screen Rant

Power up, people. The trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie has been released!

And it seems it might have been an accidental leak. The movie was uploaded to the Power Rangers Facebook page last night, but it was deleted almost immediately. However, we’re guessing the uploaders underestimated the mega force of us Ranger fans because we spread it as fast as fire.

So the trailer was re-uploaded in all of its dramatic glory. We’re happy to report there’s suspenseful music, crazy battles, darkness and plenty of explosions. Much of it seems to take place at night, which is kinda weird because the series rarely saw anything but daylight.

See for yourself:

Those who watched the original show would know it was funny, light and it really didn’t take itself too seriously. The new movie looks like it’ll be a bit different with all of its grittiness and evilness, but what do we know? The shower runners are probably trying to adjust to the times and catch a wider audience.

Either way, the movie looks crazy awesome! We know we’ll be the first at the cinemas on 24 March, 2017.