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Hey Alice Kunek, blackface is racist and not ok

Alice Kunek
Image Credit Instagram

Opals star Alice Kunek is receiving a lot of criticism from her teammate Liz Cambage and pretty much the rest of the internet world after painting her face black for the Melbourne Boomers’ ‘Silly Sunday’ celebrations. She uploaded a photo of herself dressed up as Kanye West alongside Tess Madgen (Boomers) on Instagram.


Cambage was quick to upload the image and call out her teammate for being insensitive on Twitter. She tweeted, “Blackface is disgusting, I honestly have no words.” Cambage also received a lot of backlash from haters that believe the post wasn’t racist (although many of them seem to lack any education on the history of blackface). She shared some of the rude and racist comments including one from the username @butthead4000.   

Alice Kunek has re-uploaded a photo in the same dress up but without blackface with an apology for the caption. She explains that she did not think her support of Kanye would come across as racist. (Should’ve known better than to support Kanye in the first place).