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Prince Will graces LGBT publication

Image Credit Leigh Keily

Attitude’s editor Matthew Todd made a bold decision when he got in touch with Prince William and asked whether he would back the LBGT community. Todd has been working to address issues of bullying and mental health. Will was only too happy to help and graced the June issue of Attitude, The UK’s leading Gay magazine.

This is the first time in history that a royal member has been featured on a LGBT magazine, hopefully a message to include this group on the fringes of society into the mainstream community.

Issues of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia bullying need to be discussed and dealt with. We’re in 2016 people! So what if people decide to wear men’s clothes even if they’re born into the body of a woman? As we’ve seen in recent weeks, transgender toilets have been made and it’s about bloody time.

Todd said, “I wrote to the Duke of Cambridge after writing about the realisation LGBT people can suffer higher levels of mental health problems and a growing awareness this is caused by experiences at school.”

Bi the way, celebrities like Ruby Rose, Amber Heard, Sarah Poulson, Zachary Quinto and Jim Parsons have helped to bring a positive representation to this marginalised community. Mara Wilson, childhood star from Matilda recently embraced a bi/queer label.

This year there have been too many deaths caused by fanatical individuals who are scathing of this community. The awful shooting that took place at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando saw 49 people were killed and 93 injured. Omar Mateen, an ISIS fanatic believed all gays should be exterminated. The irony was that he was alleged to be a closet gay man. It’s about time we accept transgender people for the person they are, not their sexuality.

You can see Wills on Attitude on 22 June.