Home Life Attention everyone: Uber Ice Cream is back!

Attention everyone: Uber Ice Cream is back!

George Calombaris’ Caramel & Walnut Baklava Smash

It might be cold outside but it is never too cold for ice cream delivered straight to your door. Uber Ice Cream is back on Friday 15th July but with a sweet surprise this time around.

Celebrity chefs George Calombaris, Matt Moran and Neil Perry are designing their own #UberIcecream flavours with their aim to feed 100,000 hungry Aussies.

Matt Moran will be making a Banoffee Crunch, George Calombaris will stick to his roots and make a classic Caramel and Walnut Baklava Smash and Neil Perry will make a Spice Cookie and Caramel Swirl. Can you feel your stomach growling or your mouth salivating?

If your sweet senses were not tingling enough, this is ice cream with a cause. For every tub you buy, there will be five meals donated to those who are in need of proper shelter and meals every day.

However, Uber want to keep you in suspense to what icecream you order as they will be choosing which one gets delivered to your door. The tubs will also only be available once per request but you can keep requesting the sweet goodness as many times as you like.