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Your Chinese Zodiac for 2016

Chinese New Year
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Chinese New Year is about a month away so find out which Chinese Zodiac you are and see if 2016 will be your year!

Chinese Zodiac
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1Monkey – 2016 is the year of the monkey, you are particularly curious, sociable and fun

Career – busy but doesn’t make any change
Wealth – no good money luck in the near future
Love – you and your lover have different opinions
Health – no serious health problems

2Rooster – you are always active, outspoken and popular among the crowd

Career – spend more time and energy on your job
Wealth – no strong money luck, don’t let your money disappear in the wrong investment
Love – your lover likes to take control
Health – pay attention to your respiratory system

3Dog – you are loyal, honest, kind and do everything for the person you think is most important

Career – quite stable, if you receive a promotion you should accept it
Wealth – money luck is pretty good
Love – your personality is complementary to your lover
Health – more social and outdoor activities required

4Pig – you are diligent, compassionate and generate and good at achieving goals

Career – luck is good, you will realise your job is much easier than before
Wealth – money luck is good if you stay humble
Love – you will find people care about you very much, you need to plan more romantic moments
Health – watch out for diabetes or bladder pain

5Rat – you have a strong intuition and can easily adapt to new environments

Career – if you’re looking for a job, you need to study or learn new skills
Wealth – you have the opportunity to increase your wealth, look into housing investment
Love – Rat and Monkey are attracted, ask friends to help you find a match
Health – rest yourself regularly to avoid exhaustion

6Oxen – you are known for your dependability, strength and determination

Career – show people your knowledge to build business opportunities
Wealth – money opportunity is there, earn it with your brain and labour
Love – be open to lover to find a partner and build a relationship
Health – keep exercising

7Tiger – you are brave, competitive, unpredictable and self-confident

Career – trouble in your career, ask and learn from people around you
Wealth – money luck isn’t good, don’t be too greedy
Love – disagreements in your relationship, be calm and communicate
Health – arms and legs might get hurt, take care of your liver and nervous system

8Rabbit – you tend to be gentle, elegant, skilful and kind

Career – offered a career opportunity and have good relationship with boss
Wealth – your reputation with help you create a money making opportunity
Love – good time to take actions in new or existing relationship possibly marriage
Health – be careful for an accident to injure your face/head

9Dragon – you are courageous, intelligent, enthusiastic and confident

Career – good management skills, ask help from co-workers to fulfil career plan
Wealth – good fortune year, unexpected income
Love – good sign for love relationship, someone might be waiting for you or you may receive more care from your lover
Health – pay attention to your diet and more regular exercise

10Snake – you are the most intuitive and a great thinker as well as intelligent and wise

Career – trouble in your career, you need to work harder
Wealth – income will increase, find a good financial advisor to help you
Love – good love relationship
Health – try not to over-exercise to injure yourself

11Horse – you are extremely animated, active and energetic and love to be in a crowd

Career – workload and responsibility will increase
Wealth – money luck is pretty good, you might have a good salary raise
Love – opportunity is out there so spend time finding it or if you’re in a relationship you need more romance
Health – try not to over-exercise to injure yourself

12Sheep – you are gentle and sympathetic with a strong sense of kind-heartedness and justice

Career – don’t be too conservative in your career development, take chances
Wealth – you will need to work hard to earn the money from your job
Love – respect the opinions and feelings of your partner
Health – watch the food you’re eating, eat more vegetables