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A ‘Clueless’ class mini-reunion happened and we weren’t there

We all grew up watching Clueless and, admit it or not, we all wanted to be Cher. Why, you ask? Let me count the ways... 1....
Miranda kerr and Evan

Miranda Kerr serenades new hubby Snapchat CEO

Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel were married on Saturday afternoon in their new Los Angeles home. As the love story goes, Kerr and...

These 6 movies have everyone at Cannes talking

Cannes Film Festival is a time of year that brings together the world's most talented people to celebrate red carpet fashion, art, and (obviously) films....
mark zuckerberg

Harvard has absolutely wrecked Mark Zuckerberg

Sometimes in life, there are things you have to stand and applaud. Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential victory speech. A bloody lovely pizza. Literally anything...
oprah winfrey

10 reasons why Oprah is our hero

Six years ago today, the final episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show was aired. The daytime television program gave us a chance to laugh, learn,...