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10 Best Brunch Places in Sydney

Father's Day brunch Credit: @reubenhills

Aussies are notorious for skipping breakfast and eating before lunch: we’ve always been suckers for a mid-morning feed. In this list, we pay homage to Sydney’s best brunch places: we’ve narrowed down these eateries for their reviews and raves. Some are ritzy restaurants in Sydney’s opulent regions others are secluded neighbourhood gems that reel in customers from all across Sydney.

1. Bills Bondi 

Opened in 1993, Bills is an eatery that offers some of Sydney’s best brunch foods; with a location in Darlinghurst, Bondi and Surry Hills. Its founder Bill Granger was the firebrand behind the now-popular avocado on toast: an Aussie and international house and brunch favourite. The fashionable food was born at the first Bills restaurants, in Darlinghurst.

A bright, busy cafe for baked goods, egg dishes and famed ricotta hotcakes served at communal tables. The eatery’s famous ricotta hotcakes quartered with honeycomb butter and slices of bananas, one of its most delectable dishes.

Two popular dishes now served at most cafes in Sydney: ricotta hotcakes and sweet corn fritters. As with the avo toast, the restaurant’s owner is for proselytising its popularity. Their lunch and dinner menus include savoury salads, burgers and seafood, often with an Asian cuisine undercurrent. 

2. Caviar 2.0

This cafe offers fine-dining-level in a banal location: tucked in a little back alley just behind the pacific highway. Despite its kitschy aesthetic, owners Harry Kolotas and Anthony Lofaro approach preparing their foods with passion. 

Their menu comprises three small plates, two sandwiches and salads and three large plates. The small plates include chia pudding; a pumpkin-hummus spread; or a simple ham-and-cheese jaffle. The large plates are intricately prepared with a creamy, eggless, trifle-topped French toast dish that looks like a fairy garden, inspired by an old English dessert with custard, chopped banana, whipped cream and biscuits.

Another large plate has a perfect dome of caviar-topped salmon skirted by a complex assortment  of poached eggs, beetroot yoghurt, black-garlic mayonnaise and shards of toasted rye. 

3. Saint Peter

Having won a panoply of domestic and international awards, Saint Peter’s ethos is to showcase Australian sustainably sourced seafoodprepare it expertly and serve it simply. 

Saint Peter ensures all of their fish is purchased whole and processed in their custom designed Fish Butchery adjacent to the restaurant. The proximity between the chef’s preparing the food and customers’ seating  enlivens the restaurant experience into dinner-and-a- show experience: oysters being shucked, fillets being pin-boned and perfectly aged fish skin being grilled into pork-like crackling.

Their attention to detail in all things fish, flows down into everything we do; from our vegetable preparations, to their exquisite tarts for dessert  and to showcase the exceptional quality of their ethos.

4. Devon Cafe

Devon Cafe serves brunch favourites with a quirky twist in the heart of Surry Hills, bringing its signature fine dining approach to casual cafe food, with a novel location now in Barangaroo.

When it opened in 2013, its owner was one of few chefs to have challenged the quintessential model of scrambled eggs, muesli and toast. Instead, he focused on serving restaurant-quality food and remixing Sydney’s different cultures and cuisines, and that is why his restaurant has tiered fourth in this list.

A cornerstone to brunch since its opening, have he Breakfast with Sakuma – a log of miso grilled salmon, a 63-degree egg, smoked eel croquettes and radish salad. Other dishes have included the buckwheat blini with house-cured salmon, broccolini, caviar and Mikado sauce; and the sort-of-French-toast. Along with these different dishes, the cafe serves scrumptious sandwiches, and burgers. 

5. Bread and Circus 

This deliciously healthy little nook reels in quite a crowd of regulars with its salubrious meal options meals and market-influenced fare.

Situated in the corner of a mini foodie milieu, the warehouse is a perfect place for an eatery as relaxed as Bread and Circus. Featuring a daily changing menu of flavoursome meals and an extensive selection of teas, this eclectic joint delivers on all levels, and one can’t help but be riveted  at the strategically placed eggplants, pumpkins or lemons that grace the rough wooden tables. Coffee comes all the way from Padre in Melbourne. It’s impossible to leave without feeling satiated and salubrious. 

Their most coveted menu items: a cloud of eggs floating in baked ricotta, and  lunches of mozzarella with grilled zucchini and a polenta.

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6. Nour

Nour was built on a pipe dream of presenting Lavantine, Middle Eastern, flavours in a fresh and exciting way. The restaurant takes classic Lavantine flavours and toys with them to augment its taste and your experience.

Tangy tenors of pomegranate molasses salads, savour meat skewers cooked over coals potent with zests and a sultry eggplant that shines when dressed with baba ganoush, these are just some of its toothsome options.

Tty their Baalbek fried eggs. Three eggs are cooked so that when poked the yolk erupts over tahini yoghurt, which is slightly sour. On the regular menu, some popular plates include Samke Harrasnapper cooked with chilli, tahini and pine nuts. Breads, dips, pickles, preserves, couscous, yoghurt, labneh and ashta are all restaurant-made.


7. Two Chaps

When passing the nondescript Chapel Street in Marrickville, Two Chaps will inevitably steal your interest. Two Chaps is built on communal conviviality. This flamboyant eatery features wall-mounted bikes, an open kitchen setting and exposed steel shelves stocked with big bags of flour.

With a myriad of vegan and gluten-free options, not many brunch restaurants can hold a candle to Two Chaps. Feel free to be bumptious with gluttony with their most coveted brunch dish; Super green smoothie bowl- cavolo nero, banana, avocado and spinach, chia, papaya, charred pineapple and lime salsa, almond clusters and coconut. The eatery also purveys a plethora of vegan house-made doughnuts, cakes and muffins.Two Chaps also serves fresh pasta and local cheeses for lunch and dinner.


8. Reuben Hills 

Surry Hills based industrial-chic cafe and roastery that has been the heartthrob of many since 2012. The eatery serves South American food including baked eggs and fried chicken and fresh coffee sourced from South America. With two storeys, its beans are roasted for use downstairs, and can be relished with the daily newspaper from the solitude of the restaurant’s upper storey.

To ensure the best quality coffee produce, its owners have travelled abroad to produce countries to fraternise with farmers, for corking coffee. Their menu features many South American dishes, with an alternative undercurrent to tantalise your Aussie tastebuds.

Their crowning glory is fried chicken and The Not Reuben sandwich; Wagyu brisket, pickled slaw, manchego and horseradish mayo on rye. A brunch favourite is their Huevos Divorciados: a soft fried egg, with  red and green salsa, charro beans, smoked cheese and tostadas.


9. Shuk

Shuk was inspired by the fresh  ingredients and cuisine of Jerusalem. Shuk is harboured in an old shop front which served locals as a mixed business for over four decades. With a location in the heart of Bondi, Chatswood & Elizabeth Bay the restaurant has rapidly become one of the favourite meeting places for locals and tourists.. 

With a pipe dream to create an ilk of meals akin to that of the Middle East. According to the owners, Mediterranean food’s tastes have taken a turn. And Shuk’s young chefs who have travelled abroad to revive the classic splendour of  Jerusalem.

The eatery proffers a panoply of delights for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their Mezze Platter is to-die-for; a mix of dips: Hummus, babaganoush & labneh served with olives, pickles and a mix with our freshly baked bread.

10. Little Jean

This light-filled, elegant cafe with modern decor, presents gourmet brekkie and main dishes to Double Bay. In their cooking process, Little Jean uses ethical and sustainable products sourced from passionate suppliers. The menu is carefully crafted reflecting the best of Sydney’s market.

A breakfast favourite is the Black Angus steak sandwich, with chimichurri, onion jam, aioli, rocket, fried egg on house rosemary focaccia. A lunch favourite is grilled lamb kofta with couscous, red cabbage and pita bread and the dinner delectable is the house-made fettuccine, prawns, lobster butter, chilli, garlic, rocket, pangritata. 

Little Jean proffers many seafood options including yellowfin tuna tartare; fig with burrata; and aged balsamic as starters, and mains of pumpkin tortellini with mustard fruits or confit duck leg. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free are additionally made by the eatery.