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The best Twitter posts celebrating IWD

iwd international women's day
Credit: Parks and Recreation

IWD or International Women’s Day is fantastic. Women around the world celebrate how awesome they are through social media and inspire other women to do their best.

It’s really just a celebration of love for women, whether they’re in the tech industry, milking yaks, or just being themselves. It’s also a time to celebrate women in sport, as well as highlighting the inequalities that are faced by women on a day to day basis.

We’ve rounded up a few of the coolest Twitter posts we’ve seen today celebrating women!

The tweet above really celebrates what being a woman is all about, doing what you want and being who you want without judgement.

It’s nice to see that the AFL Women’s League within Australia are all in favour of International Women’s Day.

This very valid point. Why does it make you angry that there’s one day out of the whole year dedicated to women?

This inspiring message from the BBC. This is in reference to the lack of women board members on Wall Street.

A very good point which is inclusive of all of our gender binary and trans women!

International Women’s Day is really just about celebrating the joy that is women. It’s been a very good day. Happy IWD everyone!